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    Are you licensed?

    Yes, we are licensed Tennessee contractors.

    What can I expect to spend on my new home?

    This is difficult to answer because it depends on a number of considerations, such as the style and types of products you are looking for. We can provide you with information on what we have done in the past so that you have a starting point, allowing you to make informed selections going forward. During your consultation, we can also provide you with more information on exactly what to expect.

    How do you charge?

    Contract builders typically use a cost plus percentage contract, a cost plus flat fee contract, or a turn key contract. We prefer to charge based on the turn key contract, which involves a set fee for the construction of the house. This fee is pre-determined by the client and the builder, which allows us to negotiate better pricing and ensures that the client knows what the total cost will be upfront. However, we can discuss all available options to determine which is best for all parties involved.

    When can we make our product selections?

    During our pre-construction meetings, we can discuss the options available to you to determine the type and quality of product you are looking for. With assistance from our vendors, we can find starter selections, which our clients can use to make informed final product decisions. This ensures that we can help to take the guesswork out of the selection process.

    What areas do you serve?

    We are proud to serve the greater Knoxville area.

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